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FAQ – Auzalus
by auzalus

1. What is PCD Pharma Franchise?

PCD (Propaganda-cum Distribution) pharma franchise is an opportunity given by the pharmaceutical companies to the pharma professionals/distributors to use their company’s name, services, and distribution rights at monopoly basis to sell their products.

2. How to start pharma franchise business?

These days it is very convenient to start pharma franchise business. Select a pharma franchise company and inquire about its products and franchise agreement. You can start your business by investing minimal amount.

3. How many products can be franchised?

There is no such fixed number of products; franchise can be started from 2 products which can be increased.

4. What are benefits of pharma franchise business?

One can start his/her own business at small investments and profits start coming early. The company’s name and product knowledge are used to market products which are an advantage. Moreover, promotional schemes are also provided by the franchise company itself.

5. What are the products offered by Auzalus Life Sciences?

Auzalus Life Sciences offers a wide range of products covering these therapeutic segments; anti-inflammatory, gastro/ Hepatology, Neurotropic, anti-allergic/ anti-cold, Nutraceuticals/ Calcium supplements. To know more (product brochure link).

6. Are drug license and GSTIN necessary for PCD pharma franchise business?

Yes, wholesale drug license and GSTIN is necessary to start PCD pharma franchise business.

7. What is the minimum amount of investment required for pharma franchise business with Auzalus?

The amount of investment required for pharma franchise business depends upon the product range to be marketed, but a minimal amount of 25,000 INR can be invested with Auzalus which can be further increased.

8. Who will be accountable for expiry or damaged products?

The products offered by the PCD pharma franchise have a long-term expiry, generally more than 12 months. But if any quality related issue arises then company takes sole responsibility.

9. Who can apply for pharma franchise business?

Pharmacist, Medical Representative, Doctors, Medicine Wholesalers, Retailers, or any individual who has experience in the pharma industry for more than five years.

10. What makes Auzalus different from other PCD pharma companies?

We provide excellent services and have an extensive range of DCGI approved pharma products. Moreover, we offer scientific promotional material, and we have the technical team to resolve product related queries.